The album is now available ! Some fifteen musicians, all from the and community present you the fruit of two years of group effort. With a set of 13 varied opuses, this album vibrates to the sounds of rock, metal, blues and jazz music…An effective fusion enhanced by guest appearances from prestigious musicians : Christophe Godin (Metal Kartoon), Sébastien Chouard (Sinclair, De Palmas), Jean-Michel Kajdan (Jonasz, Higelin, Maurane...), Elmobo (Plug in), Matthieu Rabaté (Indochine, Raphaël...) etc.   Read more ››

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01 - Dopo il giorno 4'26
02 - Guitares 2'45
03 - Ken'ar groove 4'34
04 - Luna Jena 7'15
05 - Flak ze moofle 4'57
06 - Light from the past 6'10
07 - Arabian's paradise 10'52
08 - Pulsar 5'59
09 - Blue dragoon 4'28
10 - Le retour de la crêpe masquée 2'58
11 - Sortilège 5'12
12 - Dooby Wind 7'25
13 - Brainstorming 5'21
All : 96 Kbps (2,71 Mo) | 128 Kbps (3,62 Mo) | 256 Kbps (7,24 Mo)

Who plays on the album ?

stratocaster Nino troupos Youri De Groote Floshred    
  Tristan Olivier Olmos Eglyn marcaut Daviken  
    Lovesoup Lycanthrope lunajena Matthieu S Platax

You will hear some well-known actors of the community, namely Olivier Olmos, Nino, Troupos, Tristan Klein, Marcaut, Youri de Groote, Floshred, Stef Herbuel, Matthieu Saqué, Lycanthrope, Daviken, stratocaster, Lovesoup, y muchos más... All the participants ››

Are there some famous artists on this album ?

Various well-known artists play on this album : Christophe Godin, Sébastien Chouard, Jean-Michel Kajdan, Elmobo, Matthieu Rabaté :

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Thanks : Nino Borgotta, Nicolas Bregani, Didier Castelnau, Sébastien Chouard, Christophe Dagorne, Christophe Godin, Jean-Michel Kajdan, Pascal Kauffmann, Ed Kliman, Julien Kuhn, Régis Lamora, Olivier Leroy, Elmobo, Léo Margarit, Nina, Ninette, Fabien Paraillac, Laurent Pouliquen, Matthieu Rabaté, Nicolas Therolaz, Frédéric Wursten Olmos.

© CD booklet : the booklet was made by Pascal Kauffmann, a talented graphic artist and painter (find out his works on his web site).
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This album is a tribute to dear departed Frédéric Foulard-Sansterre, alias CrazySweeper on, gone on july 17, 2004.

* : without sending costs