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TC2290-DT le retour d'une icône

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    le 17 Apr 18, 20:52

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2290 is back!

The short version: it's a hardware controlled plug-in. It's $349. And it's coming this June!

When the original 2290 Digital Delay hit the music world in '85, it was lauded as nothing short of a revolution in sound.
Adopted by producers, FOH engineers and musicians such as David Gilmour, The Edge and Robben Ford, it set the benchmark for delay units, and quickly became an industry standard in professional studios and live effects rigs.
The new TC2290-DT takes up the sonic mantle of the original 2290 and brings its beautifully modulated delays to a new generation of musicians, producers and engineers.

Key features

Desktop controlled plug-in brings legendary TC2290 dynamic delay to your DAW
Complete delay solution with extensive modulation capabilities for your favorite audio software
High-quality tactile interface with authentic “look and feel” of celebrated TC2290 rack delay
Custom-designed signature presets featuring world-class artists and recording engineers
ca je vais te dire, c'est au top de ma wishlist !
On ne va pas ouvrir un nouveau thread, donc je poste là pour le 8210.

Je l'ai et pour le prix je trouve que le son est bon, je le garde.

En ce moment sur effet guitare et TC Electronic...