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Source audio multiwave distorsion ; quelqu'un a testé ?

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Inscrit le: 02 Oct 06
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Bonjour à tous,

J'ai entendu parler de cette nouvelle pédale de distorsion qui visiblement traite le signal de manière particulière (fréquence par fréquence) ce qui fait qu'on peut entendre distinctement chaque corde jouée même en son saturée (c'est à peu près ce que j'ai compris de ce que j'ai vu ci-dessous.

Sinon, plus d'infos par là.


The Multiwave Distortion features 21 distinctive and modern effects not
found on typical distortion pedals. Based on new proprietary algorithms,
these range from basic overdrive sounds to aggressive synth-like, octave
heavy and extreme foldback settings that go far beyond emulations of
typical “classic” distortions.
The Multiwave Distortion’s unique Multi-Band mode divides the input
signal into several frequency bands, which are distorted separately
before being re-combined. Guitarists can play complex distorted
chords and each note can be heard with absolute clarity. Several
notes can feed back or drone simultaneously while a separate melody
is played on top without the typical loss of volume associated with
most of other types of distortion.
The Multiwave Distortion is also compatible with the Hot Hand motion
sensor. When connected, Hot Hand controls the amount of gain.
Controls for the Multiwave Distortion include Effect/Calibration,
Drive, Sustain and Output. Effect lets the user select the distortion
from a range of sounds in both the Multi and Single Band Modes. It
also doubles as a Calibration control so the user can adjust the Drive
sweep to a specific hand motion or playing style when using the Hot
Hand controller.
Sustain adjusts the input gain to increase the signal level going into the
distortion, even when the Drive control remains fixed. The Drive control
modifies the gain of the signal going into the distortion section. Output
controls the level of the output signal.
“I love the Soundblox Distortion! It’s a chunky, creamy, tweaker’s dream. The high gain is
dense with lots of sustain. In addition to the fuzzy, over the top sounds, you can do killer
chicken pickin’ with clear compression and zero gain, OR choose from the synth-sounding,
octave-up settings that recreate clavinet and other amazing sounds. Super flexible and
easy to use.”
Chuck Garvey — moe.
An evolutionary outgrowth of the Hot Hand Wah Filters and Hot Hand Phaser/Flanger systems in a compact and accessible format, The Tri-Mod Wah,
Tri-Mod Phaser and Tri-Mod Flanger effects pedals can be modified using either a Hot Hand motion controller, LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) or
Envelope Follower. All three Tri-Mod pedals feature Frequency, Depth and Speed controls. Frequency sets the filter sweep to lower or higher frequencies.
Depth drives the effects with either an LFO or Envelope Follower and controls the depth of each modulation source. Speed controls either the attack
and decay time of the Envelope or the speed of the LFO. When the Hot Hand motion Controller is used, a subset of controls on each Soundblox pedal
adjusts the Hot Hand controller to an individual’s playing style.

Quelqu'un a testé en vrai ?

Riff gauche, pour les guitaristes et bassistes gauchers
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Inscrit le: 29 Oct 03
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Personne ne connait on dirait !

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