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Eno pedals VS Mooer pedals

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Inscrit le: 19 Jun 13
Localisation: NY (dd, Autre)

Recently found a Chinese new brand of pedal----Eno. Good quality as Mooer, but half price of Mooer.

This is a demo of MOOER Vs. ENO:

Eno pedals list and their original pedals (got them from donnerdeal fb page) :
eno pedals:
DA-3 is BOSS DS-1,
OD-9 is BOSS TS-9,
DM-3 is EHX Metal Muff,
DSO-2 is Fulltone OCD,
DR-1S is ProCo Rat, (Mooer black secret)
DS-1 is Mi Audio Crunch Box,
PT-21 is what?

A demo of all the Eno pedals:

Price of eno pedals: each for $30(23€) (the mooer should be sold at this price)
This is the link of the $30(23€) eno pedals:
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Larry Carton
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Inscrit le: 18 Mar 13
Localisation: Paris

Hi !
Take a look at the effects section of this Forum, you'll find threads about all these stompboxes...

Une bonne paire de PAF pour ta gratte et une bonne paire de baffles pour ta tête...

The baltringue connection
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