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Behringer V-amp avec patch de POD ?!

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Je ne me suis jamais vraiment interessé à ce truc, donc ça a peut etre déjà été abordé:

Un mec qui convertit les patch de POD pour les utiliser avec un V-amp:

Here's how I created these patches using my POD2VAMP conversion program:

1. Downloaded all the patches from Line6's Tone Transfer Library. (Wow, should I say that? Too late now.....I admit I'm a thief!)
2. Downloaded emagic's patch editor program from the Line6 site.
3. Downloaded an automation program that allows for programming the Windows interface.
4. Wrote an automation script that loads every patch, one by one, into the emagic patch editor and does an "Export to MIDI." This outputs a MIDI Sysex dump of the single patch. My converter program is actually a Sysex-to-Sysex translator. Emagic's .LIB format was more tricky. Perhaps that will be POD2VAMP V2.0
5. Finally, I batched all of the files through the converter using another script.

Some notes on the patches:

1. Okay, I didn't get all of the patches from Line6's site. Some of the patches were corrupt or multi-patch libraries. If the script couldn't deal with it, it continued anyway. As a result, some valid patches were skipped. I did manage to get good translations of close to 1000 of them, so we have a great library to start from!
2. These are approximations, but probably pretty darn close. The few I test-drove sounded fine for AC/DC, SRV, etc. Besides, every patch someone creates is based on their own ear, gear, and configuration, so this conversion process can't be much further off than any user-created patch. (At least, that's the theory.)
3. Some of the effect parameters don't track, so I made arbitrary decisions about how to translate them. Modulation speeds should be okay, but some of the Depth or Feedback controls may need tweeking. This is the stuff I need feedback on. And if you do give feedback, make a detailed suggestion! Not just "dude, your effects translation sucks!"
4. Most amp models are identical, or pretty darn close. The EQ, Gain and Volume settings map very easily, as well, so the amp portion of the patches should be great. To see how the amps are mapped, just view any of the patch pages. I've listed the POD and V-Amp models. If you think a mapping should be different, let me know.

Some notes about the converter:

1. It's converts from POD Sysex format to V-Amp Sysex format, not from .LIB to .LIB. The POD's .LIB format is much more tricky and not documented like the Sysex Spec is, so you're stuck with a little extra work if you want to convert your own patches. Perhaps V2.0 (if it ever is made!) will convert directly from .LIB to .LIB.
2. POD and V-Amp don't represent parameter day in the same ways for effect parameters. For example, POD uses the period in milliseconds for some speeds, and V-Amp uses everything in Hz values. V-Amp also uses 0-127 for Depth, while POD uses number of millisecond periods at 31.2 KHz. As result, some of the effects, especially the Depths, may be off. Use the translation as a starting point.
3. The amp models for POD and V-Amp are very similar, so the basic patch sounds should be close to the target. There are only a couple of amps from the POD that don't have a close equivalent on the V-Amp. To see the Amp mappings I used, check out the patch library sorted by V-Amp Model.
4. These models should work for V1.0 or V2.0 of the V-Amp. V1.0 should take the same format, but just won't understand the new amps. However, I don't know what will happen if you try to load a V2.0 patch into your V-Amp. Probably get some kind of error....


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